Expert witness

About Dr. Dafna

Dr. Ahdoot is a licensed, board-certified pediatrician who specializes in all aspects related to pediatric medicine including but not limited to tie standards of care of the physical, psychological, developmental and emotional aspects of a growing child. She is licensed by the California Medical Board and by the American Board of Pediatrics since 20.1.1 and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics with leadership roles in the CA-Chapter 2 AAP sector. Dr. Ahdoot obtained her medical degree from MCP Hahnemann school of medicine in Philadelphia and completed her pediatric residency training at I.A County USC.

She provides expert consultation and testimony on pediatric medical topics in family, civil, criminal, and juvenile matters presenting to civil and criminal state, or federal, or military courts. Dr. Ahdoot describes the standards of care to the malpractice suit, identifies any breaches in those standards and renders an opinion as to whether those breaches resulted in personal injury. She provides independent, impartial, and nonbiased evidence to a judge or jury about the facts of the case involving but not limited to medical malpractice, negligence, personal injury, and pharmaceutical companies. She takes a wholesome approach to every case, looking at all details and surrounding circumstances while including peer-reviewed research to support her opinions. The case is discussed in medical and non-medical terms when necessary, to elucidate and distinguish malpractice from malocurrence.