BabyVites Supplements

Developed by Dr. Dafna Ahdoot, a pediatrician and proud mother of two, BabyVites is your solution to using Omega-3s to boost your babe’s brain and body development without subjecting them to the yucky taste and fishy burps they hate!

The secret to BabyVites’ kid-approved taste lies in the solvent-free fermentation process that extracts the cleanest and purest form of DHA from non-GMO algae sourced straight from the icy waters of Nova Scotia. In fact, without the nasty marine taste, you’ll love watching your kids willingly (yes, you read that right!) take their vitamins.

No more struggling, fussing, or meltdowns! Furthermore, because our DHA is sourced from algae, it’s not only totally safe for all little ones (even those with dietary restrictions and allergies!), but also a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional DHA supplements that practice factory farming and deplete natural fish populations. With BabyVites, it’s never been easier, tastier, or more environmentally friendly to fuel the development of your little prince or princess!

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